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Highspeed design – stackup and return path

In this webinar, we will delve into the importance of having control over the stackup and return path for signals in modern high speed interfaces such as DDR (Double Data Rate) and serial links. We will explore why it is crucial to have a correct stackup and return path to ensure that signals can be transmitted reliably and without loss of performance. We will also discuss some of the challenges that can arise in high speed design and how to overcome them. We will provide examples of real-world scenarios where a correct stackup and return path have been critical in ensuring a reliable signal transmission. Additionally, we will provide an introduction to Highspeed design with DDR, which is one of the most commonly used technologies for high-speed data communication and how to use it effectively. Furthermore, we will examine the concept of stackup and return path in detail, how they affects the signal integrity and how they are implemented in high-speed designs. Overall, this webinar will provide a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of high-speed design, including the importance of stackup and return path, and the techniques for effectively implementing them in order to achieve optimal signal transmission.


Søren Jul Christiansen
Senior Application Engineer
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